Computer, PC, Laptop Disposal - Omaha, NE

Old Computer(parts, equipment) PC & Laptop Disposal Services & Companies in Omaha, NE

LifeSpan Technology Recycling
Location – 8616 G St Omaha, Nebraska Zip code 68127
Phone. 402 592 2724

CP Recovery
Location – 7534 F Street, Omaha, NE Zip code 68127
Phone. 402 331 1630

Electronic Recyclers
Location – 1528 North 16th Street, Omaha, NE Zip code 68110
Phone. 402 408 0053

Computer Disposal Tips. Tips for computer disposal: Before Many easy ways you can use to dispose old computer. For example, keep it as backup, or sell it for your friends, computer manufacture, computer store, or sell it on internet. And also you can dispose ole computer by donate it for someone who need it, school, or some organization. But make sure you are deleted data or information from your computer for disposal. However the easiest way, contact computer disposal near you. You may safe your money because get pay back from them.